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Welcome to Onsite Assessments Tas

If you’re a sea-changer, a tree-changer or if you’ve always lived in the country, there’s a good chance that your home won’t be connected to the sewer. If not, it will need its own onsite system (such as a septic tank), for treatment of wastewater so that it can be returned to the environment with minimal impact or risk to the health of you, your family or your neighbours.

My name is Richard Mason and I am the principal of Onsite Assessments Tas, an independent specialised site assessment and on-site wastewater design consultancy offering a quality site investigation, system design and documentation service throughout Tasmania

I am an Accredited Building Services Design practitioner with over 25 years experience in soil assessment, design of new wastewater systems, assessment of subdivision developments  and remediation of older failing septic tank systems.

I have particular skills in selecting and designing on-site wastewater management systems which are appropriate to both the needs and expectations of the client and the capabilities of the site, whilst also ensuring a smooth passage through local council Planning and Plumbing approval processes.

My aim is to ensure that your home has a fully compliant, eco-friendly on-site wastewater management system, selected to suit your needs and expectations and which will operate with least expense, annoyance or environmental impact.