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I have extensive experience in site and soil assessment and the design of the following:

  • Conventional septic tank systems with in-ground absorption trenches and beds.
  • Septic tanks with mound-type land application systems.
  • Septic tanks with on-ground absorption beds
  • Septic tanks with bottomless sand filters.
  • Septic tanks with Advanced Enviro Septic secondary treatment and land application systems.
  • Composting toilets with separate greywater treatment.
  • Aerated wastewater treatment/package plants (such as Taylex, Envirocycle, Fujiclean and others) with subsurface and surface irrigation reuse or discharge to absorption trenches etc.

Geotechnical Assessment

I can provide geotechnical investigation capability for land and slope stability assessment, groundwater investigations and foundation assessment to AS2870.2011 Residential Slabs & Footings Code. This can be undertaken at the same time as the onsite wastewater management assessment.

Subdivision Assessment

I undertake site and soil assessment for onsite wastewater management capability for subdivisions, identifying suitable land areas for wastewater management envelopes where required and providing recommendations, if necessary as to appropriate system selection.

Failed septic systems, modifications etc

I provide assessment and design advice to owners of existing failed or poorly performing systems, and conversion of existing composting toilet based systems to flushing toilets where a client (usually purchaser of an existing house) prefers this.

Prepurchase Inspections - existing wastewater systems

I can understand pre-purchase inspections and reports to pinpoint any potential issues with existing onsite wastewater management systems before you buy; similarly I also undertake assessments of vacant land and provide guidance on site capability, wastewater management options and possible installation costs well before you buy.